The VandS Guide to O.A.R. — Of A Revolution

Because our good friend, Trip, didn’t know anything about O.A.R., here’s a quick on-line guide:

  • The O.A.R. Home Page ( – Autoplays the new single’s video.  Used to have all the original albums archived for your listening pleasure, but doesn’t appear to after this redesign.
  • Free Concert Downloads – O.A.R. has always encouraged the recording and free sharing of recordings of their concerts. (They’re not allowing soundboard recordings anymore, though, for reasons which strike me as “just an easier excuse to make than the real reason.”) There are hundreds of concerts for download at  It’s been a while since I downloaded one. Might be time again. . .
  • My First Mention of O.A.R. –  I reviewed the band for the first time almost five years ago now. They’ve become much bigger since then.
  • Set List Archives – Fascinating fan site.  It lists all their concerts and the set lists for each.  Plus, users can log in and check off the concerts they’ve been to, find out which songs they’ve heard live the most, etc. Here’s the first O.A.R. concert I went to, with Howie Day opening and flipping off the fans.

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  1. You are too kind, sir! I’ll try and give the links a review before I hit the road next weekend.

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