New DVD Releases for 22 January 2008

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Loved the book. Saw that the movie was advertised as “inspired by” the book, and not directly adapting it.  That sounds like trouble.  Reviewers weren’t terribly kind, as I recall.  The book is great, though.

  • Spaced

This is the release of the week.  I’ve only ever seen the first half of the first episode, and have been dying to see more.  Now, you an get the complete series with tons of extras in one boxed set.

These are the people who brought you “Top Fuzz” and “Shaun of the Dead,” people!

  • Robot Chicken: Star Wars

Came out just shortly before the “Family Guy” parody.  This one is supposed to be pretty good, though I’ll likely never see it.  Only $10 at Amazon right now.  (Click on the image above.)

Next week is a HUGE week: Freakazoid and Tiny Toons.  They’re one of the last few things I’ve been waiting for on DVD since the birth of the format. Most everything else has come out already.

2 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 22 January 2008

  1. Even though you think you may not have the time, I heartily recommend you sit down and watch the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode. It’s only like 20 minutes long and fricking hilarious!!!

  2. AWRIGHT! Freakazoid on DVD! I’d just about given up on this EVER happening. THANKS AUGIE!!!

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