Nintendo Watchers are an Odd Lot

Wii Logo(I should probably save this for Pipeline as it comes close to being comics-related, but I think the video game stuff trumps that.  Besides, I’ve got plenty of stuff lined up for Pipeline next week already.)

E3 happened last week.  It’s the video game convention that’s in the midst of a transition.  What was once a giant spectacle has been toned down in the last couple of sessions to something closer to a series of press conferences aimed at the media.  It’s not consumer-focused.  It’s there for the press.

Sadly, not everyone gets that.  Some think E3 is still the E3 of old.  They think it still has glitz and glamour and should have the biggest announcements of the year.

Take, for example, Nintendo watchers.  Both those who decry the most successful gaming console on the market today as a fad, as well as its fans, have lamented Nintendo’s announcements this year at E3. It’s to be predicted from the usual throng of detractors who think “gaming” means “buying 10 first person shooters per year and spending all your spare time with them.”

But from Nintendo fans?

I can’t be the only one annoyed at all the whiners who say in one breath that they are upset with Nintendo for not announcing anything new for them, before saying in the next breath that they wanted a new Zelda, Mario, Kid Icarus, or Pikmin game.  Right?  They’re just as bad as the comic fans who want something “new” in comics when they mean they want a new “Superman” or “Spider-Man” mini-series. The timing this year didn’t work out right for Nintendo to make blockbuster announcements.  They never promised any, really, either.  They had a few new things to talk about, including a whole room mic and an extension to the Wiimote.  They didn’t come empty handed.  Heck, they officially announced Wii Sports II, fer godness’ sakes!  It’s the most popular game the Wii has. Many posit that the game is responsible for sluggish sales on other games — many are just happy playing that one. Why buy more?

Nintendo didn’t rush anything to force an announcement they couldn’t back up. Bully for them.  When the time comes, they’ll tell us what they have ready to go next.  I’m a patient man; I can wait.  I suppose that puts me in the minority.

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Watchers are an Odd Lot

  1. Nintendo are in great shape at the minute so they didn’t really need to announce anything new. In some ways it’s kind of refreshing to know that they don’t need to come out with anything big just for the sake of it.

    Though saying that, the Wii Sports 2 news was big but it was probably topped by the DS exclusive new GTA game which is pretty sweet.

    E3 was quiet on the whole this year with the other main bit of news being the Final Fantasy going to X-Box, further crippling Sony.

  2. Hey Augie, You haven’t given any GH3 updates lately (your own progress I mean). Personally I got stuck in hard career mode at the Slipknot/Muse/Disturbed/Queens of the Stone Age tier. I can’t get past ANY of those songs…ok, I suck, what can I say. Hard just isn’t my forte…whereas on medium I have 5 starred all the songs except for One by Metallica. Very odd how much the difficulty ramped up between medium and hard. I can handle the 5th button, but I can’t handle the ramped up number of notes you have to hit or the speed at which they come at you.

  3. Augie, I totally agree with you. I’m definitly tired of the whinners.

    Sure, ok, I was secretly hoping that they’d have a game for the “hardcore” people, BUT Nintendo won me over, fully, when they announced Animal Crossing: City Folk. That, to me, was just the best announcement out of this E3. I’m a huge Animal Crossing fan and it was so GREAT to see that game announced. And they showed all that footage too! I mean, I thought they might announce it, but I had no idea they’d show that much footage from it. :)

    And yes, I’m very happy about Wii Sports 2 also. My mom loves that game and I can’t wait to get that for her next year. Heck, I liked the orignal Wii Sports too, so I’ll be glad to play the new one also.

    Wii Music looks fun too, imo. And I’m really not a fan of games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but I might actually like to play some like Wii Music.

    Anyway, I was really happy with Nintendo at E3. Plus: I totally agree that they shouldn’t announce stuff if they are not ready. Sony & Microsoft do that all the time and it only leads to disappointment!

    Nintendo was definitly my favorite at E3. I thought Microsoft had some good suprises too though. I think, overall, Sony was the one who really didn’t have anything new. (of course, you wouldn’t think that from all the Nintendo whinners. lol).


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