New DVD Releases for 05 August 2008

After last week’s riches, what could live up to it?  The TV world is certainly giving it a shot. Check out today’s list of new releases over at  I’ve never seen a list that long, not even during the Christmas season.  There’s nothing there that’s going to get me to click over to Amazon, but perhaps your tastes will find something satisfying there.

In the world of movies, you have this:

  • Starship Troopers 3: Marauders

I almost don’t want to get into the argument again over whether the first move was any good or not.  But, gee whiz, they made a third?  It’s direct-to-DVD, isn’t it?

  • Nim’s Island

That’s it — I’m completely out of touch.  What is this thing? It’s a kid’s movie, I’m guessing. . .

4 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 05 August 2008

  1. I will always respect the holy heck outta Abigal Breslin, not just for being a really talented young actress, but because she singlehandedly cured Hollywood of casting the wretched Dakota Fanning in every role that called for a young girl.

  2. What always struck me about the early “Nim’s Island” ads was that Jodie Foster’s presence seemed played down. It was “‘Little Miss Sunshine”s Abigail Breslin! Jodie Foster, and Gerard Butler!” But then, I’m too used to the TV credits quirk where the last name in the credits gets singled out for special prestige treatment, a la “My Two Dads,” with “And Greg Evigan as Joey”.

  3. Not that I’m planning to pick it up, but I’d think that winning the Acadamy Award for Best Foreign Language Film would merit a mention for “The Counterfeiters”.

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