Pregnancy and Video Games

The wife and I took our tour of the maternity ward at the hospital our baby will be born in less than two months from now.  Two points:

  1. While in labor, gravity is your friend.  The mother should spend hours changing positions in ways that will allow the baby to naturally fall into the pelvis at the right time.

  2. While in an empty room in the maternity area, the nurse pointed us to something that would make the fathers-to-be happy.  The guy next to me said, “a PlayStation?”

Wiimote3. Brainstorm: Wii Bowling for pregnant woman.  All of the fun, and good for the baby, too! The natural swinging motion. The slight bend over.  The leg stretches.  What better way to bring a baby into this world than with a 200+ game of Wii Sports Bowling?

Somehow, I doubt my wife will go for that.