Tweets of the Week

Follow me over at Twitter.  Over 300 people do already! That’s more people than subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed.  Scary.

  • I wish I could stay home tomorrow and read comics all day while waiting for furniture deliveries. My wife has all the fun. 
  • Baby Class: Week Two ran really long tonight. My night hasn’t begun and it’s already over. I’m in pain.
  • I’m too tired for Monday.
  • I have high hopes for Tuesday this week. Feels like something might get done today. And, goshdarnit, people like me.
  • Now that the painting and carpeting are done, it’s almost a shame to move everything into the house. Here comes the clutter!
  • Anyone who follows more than 2000+ people and complains that Twitter thinks they’re silly deserve to be banned from the service.
  • I can barely keep up with the 33 people I follow. . . 
  • @gordontheintern – My #1 mission in life is to have everything ironed out before the last season of THE SHIELD begins. Oh, and the baby.

And now, the IKEA Chronicles of last weekend:

  • Proof I’m barking mad — it’s 11:00 p.m. and I’m now going to put together an IKEA kitchen table. Go, caffeine!
  • I don’t know about this, IKEA. These chairs seem awful flimsy. I’m sure these screws and awful metal screwdriver thing will set it, though.
  • Oh, goody. Now I get to use a power tool!
  • Last chair to build. Time to blast Jonathan Coulton’s “IKEA” at top volume.
  • “IKEA. . . selling furniture for college kids and divorced men.” Uh oh.
  • Ouch. I have a blister where the bent-angle screwdriver thing twisted around and around. Painful. (Still not healed, five days later.)