Suggestions for Video Cameras

So, as I’ve made abundantly clear over the last few months, there’s a new addition coming to Various and Sundry World Headquarters in the next five to six weeks now.

And we need the appropriate video camera to capture all of her precious little moments.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?  I’ve looked at the Canon HF100 and HV20 — they’re both beautiful looking cameras, but I’m not sure the $600 – $700 price tag is going to work in our budget.  I’d love to have HD quality video, but that might not be doable without going to one of those el cheapo sub-$200 Flip-like cameras.

What are you all using?

3 thoughts on “Suggestions for Video Cameras

  1. My wife got me a Flip Mino for Father’s Day this year, and it was one of the best gifts she could’ve gotten me. We got a nice video camera when our first kid was born, but we gradually stopped using it because the hassle of keeping the battery charged, wrangling tapes (and uploading/editing/storing an hour of video once a tape filled up) got to be too much. Since I got the Flip, I’ve been shooting a lot more video. It fits in my pocket, so I take it almost anywhere the kids will be, and I can shoot something short in the morning and plug the camera into my computer during naptime and upload it to my private YouTube page in mere minutes. Then it’s just a matter of e-mailing the link to all the relatives.

    Just from a practical, everyday use standpoint, I can’t recommend the Flip highly enough

  2. We replaced our old JVC camera with a Panasonic HDR-H18 at Christmas last year. The price & size were right and we have been quite pleased with its overall performance.

    My research led me to believe that we definitely didn’t want to deal with video tapes or DVD-roms so a camera with a hard disk was what we wanted. The video quality is good, the upload to my MacBook and burning of DVDs is a snap so it works great for my family.

    Good luck making a final decision!

  3. Canon’s definitely best rated. Another sub $200 to look at this is HD (trade off is poor zoom and audio) is the Aiptek A-HD+ 1080P. Small and easy to use and offers multiple HD modes.
    Otherwise get a hard drive camera, many in $200-$400 range (watch Circuit City – they have good sales often on camcorders).

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