Mid Week Link Dumpage

  • First, Steven Page gets a drug bust.  Now, Ed Robertson crashes his plane.  (Ed was piloting; he and his passengers walked away.)  It’s been a bad month for The Barenaked Ladies.
  • The greatest Firefox plug-in ever: It removes the crap comments from under any YouTube video. The Before/After pic is not just funny, but about the most damning thing on Internet discourse ever.

3 thoughts on “Mid Week Link Dumpage

  1. Nope, Valleywag was completely wrong on the “no more free dinners at Google” story although they’re doing their best to spin it.

    What actually happened was that some cafes that had, for a long time, very low patronage at dinner, no longer offer dinner. So the few people who were showing up for dinner there have to walk over a building or two to get their free dinner.

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to their followups either, as from this ex-Googler’s perspective it looks like they’re just making crap up. For example, they claim that Googlers have no respect for the kitchen staff. Unless things have changed radically since I left last year, that’s just complete B.S.. I never saw any Googler dissing or insisting on special treatment or such on the kitchen folk, and everyone I knew respected their work and the food. Heck, there were various programs where Googlers could be “chef for a day” and be a part of the food staff at a cafe for one day (including both cooking and serving) and such programs always had a huge backlog of Googlers who wanted to do so.

  2. Thanks for the correction, Tom. It’s interesting to hear all about this stuff. Heck, I was excited when an article appeared about Apple’s cafeteria the other day, too. I need help.

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