End of Week Link Dump

  • It’ll never happen, but it’s a wild idea that I really like, as a consumer: Give away your OS.  When you buy your next Mac, you get all the upgrades to the OS for free, for life.  (This assumes, of course, that the next iteration of the OS would operate on your machine’s specs.)  It would save that every-other-year $129 tax fom Apple.  I skipped Leopard.  I’ll probably upgrade on Snow Leopard.
  • You have 30 days before you go deaf.  What do you do?  The story came to light through Matt Nathanson’s website.  He’s opened for O.A.R. in the past and made a good record or two.
  • Coming to the Wii: Pirates v Ninjas Dodgeball. I can picture the heads exploding across the internet at the thought of this game.  Cute screen shots at the link.

One thought on “End of Week Link Dump

  1. Wow – it was surprising to see that I have walked across one of those bridges in that link – the Kintaikyo. It was actually about an hour drive from where I lived in Hiroshima.

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