New DVD Releases for 02 September 2008

The Labor Day holiday does not impact the DVD world’s release schedule.  Here’s a quick look at three new releases with comics connections:

  • The Big Bang Theory: Season One

Has great geek cred.  I’ve never seen it, but have heard really nice things about it.

  • Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

This is the latest Marvel animated direct-to-DVD movie.

  • Eli Stone: Complete First Season

Comics scribe Marc Guggenheim co-created the show.

Unrelated: Due to the Labor Day holiday, this week’s Pipeline Commentary and Review column will basically be posted overnight tonight.

2 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 02 September 2008

  1. I’ve only seen a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory. THe show owuld be more tolerable if the taller of the 2 geeks was not so stereotypically annoying. I mean annoying to the point of wanting to shoot him.

    The show did have the benefit of having an episode air that featured the group of friends going to a Planet of the Apes movie marathon during the same week that Charlton Heston died.

  2. I really enjoyed Eli Stone. I thought for sure it would get canceled after the first season since it was so different. I am VERY excited that it is coming back though.

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