The Shield, Final Season, Episode One

First of all, thanks to Anheuser Busch for their sponsorship of the final season of television’s greatest drama.  How do I know it’s television’s greatest drama?  It’s never won an Emmy in that category.  On the other hand, awards shows like to reward a series when it’s done, and not when it’s in the middle of a creatively successful run.  When did the Emmys nominate “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” or “X-Files”?  When did they give John McGinley a nomination for “Scrubs?”  Oh, wait, they haven’t done that yet, have they?  Feh. (For that matter, which “Lord of the Rings” movie won the Best Picture Oscar? The last one.) But this isn’t about all of them. It’s about one bad-arse mo-fo named Vic Mackey.  With a car, a gun, and a Machiavellian intellect, the man rules the streets of Farmington. Who knew The Commish could be so good?  Or so bad?  All at the same time.

How could they possibly top the last few seasons, particularly with powerhouse performances by Glenn Close and Forest Whitaker?  For starters, Laurie Holden isn’t hard on the eyes.

But, seriously, folks — we have to send the spoiler flag flying and lead you past the break for all the talk.

Vic Mackey starts a full-on gang war between the Armenians and the Mexicans to save his family?  Really, what could possibly go wrong with such a large plan? It makes driving into a non-drive-thru arms dealer’s store front look like a sane plan.

I love how they’re bringing everything together. The first six seasons of this show have never been forgotten.  While there was a brief time around season three or four that I wasn’t sure they’d be able to keep up this mayhem for too long without completely suspending my disbelief, I’m more than happy to see the creators of this show really do have an idea of what to do with all this craziness.  And it looks like the final season will be the true powerhouse high point of the series.  This isn’t a show that’s going to go out far past its prime. It’s one that dares to ratchet up the tension even more, and give us something that’ll make us cringe for an hour or so each week as characters who are morally gray, at best, lead us through plots that challenge us to keep up.

Pardon my glow.  The show is just that good.

The only not good thing about it is watching it on FX on a high def TV.  The show isn’t in high def.  It’s not widescreen.  The darker scenes are so noisy that it’s distracting.  I had to turn the lights up in the room to help smooth out the pic a little bit.

But I can put up with all of that.  I’m happy that the show will end when the creators want it to end, and with an ending the show’s creators got to write.  That’ll all make it worth it.

2 thoughts on “The Shield, Final Season, Episode One

  1. it KILLS me that I won’t be able to watch the FINAL 10 for a couple of months, being that FX doesn’t show in Canada. Of course, I’ll be able to watch them all at once when they bring it to dvd. Until then, at least I have my copy of season 1 of LIFE to watch ( a show that has to be seen !!! ).

    While I’ll miss the show, I’m glad that they’re leaving while the show is still at it’s peak. Hopefully, as much as I am a fan, they’ll refrain from doing a rumoured spin-off — featuring Dutch – which while I’m sure would be entertaining, would not be as high-octane as the Shield has become.

  2. I just caught up on the 6th season on DVD this weekend, just in time to watch the 7th season premiere on TiVo. Man, what a brilliant show! A speeding freight train of violence and disturbing intensity.

    Holy cow, is Shane messed up! He may be my favorite character (right up there with Dutch), but I was still rooting for Vic to blow him away when he found out about Lem. Showing Shane mercy is what’s going to destroy Vic in the end, I’m sure. I was surprised to see Kavanaugh written out of the picture in episode 2, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him pop up again. And I was thrilled to see that Franka Potente definitely will be back this season; I though she was gone for good at the end of season 6.

    And the 7th season premiere just kept increasing the pressure. The pieces of body dragged by the car were the most disturbing images on TV since… well, since the machete massacre in season 6. And Ronnie’s cold-blooded shooting of the Armenian… “That won’t be necessary” — BLAM! BLAM!! Brr, that’s cold! He’s evolving into the next Shane, isn’t he? Oh, and I LOVED Dutch’s takedown of that weasel Billings. Hilarious! Serves him right for messing with Dutch and Tina last season… though at least that led to Dutch and Dani having a moment. Can’t wait to see what incredibly awkward places that leads to.

    Great, great stuff. I didn’t realize how very much I missed this show last year. So psyched for the new ep tonight!

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