The Fall TV Season Has Begun

So, what are you watching? What are you excited about?

I don’t have time for much this season, but I love beating myself up over everything I miss.  Tell me what’s good so far, what you’re looking forward to, or even what you saw this week that stunk.

I’ve watched half the season premiere of “America’s Next Top Model,” which was just as campy and crazy as always.  This season, it seems like every contestant is going over the top to have a message they want to carry.  And I don’t just mean that the editing has made them look like characters.  No, they’re on the show to promote diversity, prove their region capable of modelling, promote vegetarianism, etc. etc.  At some point, you want to slap them all and tell them to put some makeup on, wear those insane costumes, and start posing.

Saw most of “90210.”  I didn’t watch the original.  I think I like “One Tree Hill” better, but it’s early yet.  Even 90210, from what I’ve read, got better over the course of its first couple of seasons.  Still, this premiere was very sleek.

We talked about “The Shield” yesterday. . .

“The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” is setting itself up for failure this season, as Janice’s mad plans are just going to infuriate people beyond where they’ll be able to forgive her when she lets them all in on the gag.  Idiot.

I used to watch sit-coms and dramas.

I’m waiting for the “24” movie, whenever it airs this fall. Sounds like Kim Bauer is coming back this season, too.  I’ve heard more spoilers than just that, but I’ll let you Google for them on your own.

So, what’s capturing your interest?  Do tell.

9 thoughts on “The Fall TV Season Has Begun

  1. So far, this week I have watched the season premier of Prison Break. I really liked it. Yeah, the show does require you to suspend your belief, but it is a good, fun show, IMO. The show I can’t wait for though is Heroes. While season 2 was not as good as season 1, I still enjoyed it and am REALLY looking forward to season 3. Two others I am looking forward to are Chuck and Pushing Daisies. They both had good first seasons that were cut WAY too short by the strike, so I am excited to see what they do with a full season. There isn’t a whole lot of new shows that interest me, but one I am interested in is Fringe.

  2. So far, nothing but I am waiting for a few, or waiting to TIVO a few…

    Hero’s Pushing Daisies Battlestar Galactica Entourage Dollhouse Family Guy The Office

  3. I’d concur with Josh about Prison Break, it was a solid series opener. It is a bit unbelievable but it’s enjoyable more often than not. I have to wait a while for The Shield but that is just going to be so awesome.

    I’m actually not all that excited about Heroes, I’ll probably watch it out of interest or if nothing else is on but it’s overrated in my opinion. The European TV schedule is all out of sync with the US but I’m really excited about CSI especially after how they finished that one up last time.

  4. My wife got me hooked on Burn Notice. How can you not enjoy Bruce Campbell basically playing himself?

    And without DVR, I miss a lot of TV.

    Survivorman is also a good show to watch.

  5. I guess FX couldn’t meet the demands of both The Shield writers AND the bad boys from Rescue Me in time for the fall. I don’t know about anyone else but these 4 and 6 minutes minisodes of Rescue Me just aren’t cutting it. I’ve gotten used to hanging with Mr. Leary and pals over the summer and am not feeling the love of having to wait until January, even though there will be 22 new episodes. Luckily Entourage is back this Sunday night. The only hope for 90210 is Tristan Wilds from The Wire. However, I’m going to have a hard time not imagining him capping somebody in his new role; sort of like I can’t watch James Gandolfini in anything other than Sopranos reruns on A&E – call me crazy…

  6. Burn Notice has been a great find for me as well this year! It is the perfect summer TV series!

    Not sure that anything has me really excited for the upcoming Fall TV Season. A changeover to a Verizon FiOS DVR has dampened my enthusiasm for TV watching as well. I loved my two Series 2 TiVos but with the upgrade to digital cable, it was a bit pricey to upgrade to two new Series 3 boxes + pay for the TiVo service and rent the cable cards! :-( I do have an offer from TiVo for a discounted Series 3 (plus discounted monthly fees) that I am considering for one of my TVs though. :-)

  7. Trip – Since I moved this summer, I haven’t plugged the TiVo in yet. I might cancel that service next. It’s funny how the cable company DVR does the job. It doesn’t do it with any sort of beauty, but it works. I saw that offer for an HD TiVo, as well. Tempting, but I’m not sure I need to spend the money so I can record a third thing at a time.

    And with my Apple TV, I don’t need the TiVo to watch video podcasts anymore, either.

    I never thought I’d type in those words.

  8. Yes, the cable company DVRs work – they just aren’t as user friendly as TiVo. Although, if you ask my wife, she just thinks that I just need more time to get used to the Motorola DVR interface.

    I’m sure that if you call TiVo to cancel your service (I searched and searched their website and could only find a 1-800 number), they may offer you the same deal. As a long time subscriber, they offered me a TiVo HD for $199 (I was told brand new and not factory renewed) and said that I could continue to pay the $6.95 monthly fee (discounted because of mupltiple boxes). At the same time, they have waived all fees for 2 or 3 months while I make a decision.

  9. So far I’ve seen:

    Prison Break: the 2-hour and the one last night. So far, its really good.

    Terminator: the opener was last night. really good. nice suprise at the end!

    And tonight: FRINGE! I’m looking forward to this a lot. J.J. Abrams is great at shows like this.

    I’ve also been watching Eureka, Burn Notice, Stargate: Atlantis, Monk, and Psych.

    I’m looking forward to the return of Heroes, Pushing Daises, Eli Stone, Supernatural, House, and Life quite a bit.

    Oh and I’m hoping the 24 movie is cool. And I wish Battlestar Galatica was back already and Lost…


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