Rock Band 2 is in stores today

Anyone buying it today?  I’m jealous of you, if you did.

MTV was running “Rock Band 2” ads in the bottom right corner of the screen during their afternoon programming yesterday. That’s aggressive.  Of course, “Rock Band 2” is produced by an MTV company, so maybe they got a good ad rate. They’re also casting for a game show based on the game.

On the bright side for those of us married to “Guitar Hero,” the final track list for “World Tour” has been released.  It’s 86 songs long, with some bright spots on it. “Hotel California” strikes me as a song with some parts that would be very very difficult to play.  R.E.M.’s “The One I Love” is a cool choice.  And Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again?”  I was pretty good at that with “Donkey Konga.”  Bring it on!

4 thoughts on “Rock Band 2 is in stores today

  1. Wow. I read your post and no sooner do I finish it, than Chris Berman on ESPN NFL Countdown refers to the New York Giants as Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again Warriors.


  2. Got it yesterday, the wife and I started playing at 2pm and stopped just before midnight. (We’re addicts, having done the ENDLESS SETLIST in Expert on RB1 and, with the new game now, we have over 200 songs including tons of DLC).

    It’s great. Granted, it’s pretty much “more of the same”, but with enhancements. You can do a bass solo tour, your characters can switch instruments mid-tour, online Band World Tour is amazing (finally you can have you entire band play and tour together online, instead of having to be physically together), the TOUR CHALLENGES allow you to unlock songs in various challenges that take advantage of your entire song library (as opposed to “just” the songs from RB2), and the new song selection is impressive. PLUS it’s compatible with all the old DLC we previously bought, and we were able to export all but 3 of the songs from RB1 into the new game.

    It’s still the best party game I’ve ever played, especially if you’re with people who really enjoy music. Women especially seem to love it, which is great as my wife is NOT a gamer by any stretch of the imagination.

    As far as being married to GH: I hear you. The way I see it, it’s like Marvel/DC. You can be both (even if your heart lies with one company), and at least the instruments are compatible with each other. I started with GH way back when and have picked up every iteration, and can’t wait for GH:WT to come out… although I’m a little more partial towards the RB setlist and DLC availability.

  3. D’oh. I am a New England Patriots fan.

    Lousy David Tyree stickum acrobatic catch during the Super Bowl.

    On a side note, I am happy to be back accessing the internets. Was without power for about 2 days as remnants of Ike blew 75 MPH winds through the Ohio Valley in KY.

    On another side note. I am one of you stalkers on Twitter. I am Mogloth.

    And I have never played a Rock Band game. I have not owned a gaming console since Nintendo 64. Although I do plan on owning a Wii by Christmas.

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