New DVD Releases for 16 Sept 2008

  • The Love Guru

Mike Meyers continues to prove how painfully not funny he is.

  • Speed Racer

You either loved it or you loathed it.

  • 88 Minutes

It’s Al Pacino.

  • 30 Rock: Season 2

Sarah Palin does a mean Tina Fey impression, I hear.

  • Chuck: First Season

Custom made for the new Hollywood Geek Chic, and now even has a comic book spinoff.

5 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 16 Sept 2008

  1. I can’t wait for the new season of Chuck to begin!

    Season 2 of 30 Rock may need to be re-watched as I don’t remember much of it other than the episode where Alex Baldwin channeled Red Foxx.

  2. “88 Minutes” came out 2 years ago – but wasn’t released in North America due to the studio being “unsure” of it. Apparently, Pacino doing the same old “over the too” act that he’s been capitalizing on since SCENT OF A WOMAN – doesn’t make much sense anymore, nor does it fill theatre seats. But then – the writers strike happens, and any film on the shelf – gets released to fill the void. Watch it if for no other reason than to see Pacino’s career slowly spiral into the toilet.

  3. Hey, just wanna let you know, 30 Rock is not out til October 7th. that Alc Baldwin clip is outstanding.

  4. And my personal favorite of this week was Pushing Daisies Season 1. I’ve never seen anything like it (cue musical scene from original Dr. Doolittle) before. Chuck was great fun to watch (even though I’d rather be watching Adam Baldwin in Firefly … sigh), but I don’t think I want to own it.

  5. I have never watched the show Chuck. The show that bears my name. It even premiered the same weekend as my birthday. And I also remember a movie opening up that same weekend called Good Luck Chuck. It was a great time to be named Chuck.

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