So, “Salmon of Doubt” doesn’t count, then?

As a matter of fact, no, nothing is sacred:


[Douglas] Adams himself said: “I suspect at some point in the future I will write a sixth Hitchhiker book…I would love to finish Hitchhiker on a slightly more upbeat note. “Five seems to be a wrong kind of number, six is a better kind of number.”
Now it seems Adams’ wish has come true. Children’s author Eoin Colfer has been chosen to write the sixth of the series by Adams’ widow Jane Belson. He writes of his joy at being able to continue the series with the new book And Another Thing.

I’m not necessarily a purist.  I may even give the book a shot.  It might be fine.  But you can’t replace or imitate Douglas Adams’ genius. Now, HITCHHIKERS is merely a franchise.

I’ll let you all make the snarky comments about the guy who wrote “Artemis Fowl” being the new writer.

Of course, I also say this as a man who owns the movie DVD, but has never watched it.

One thought on “So, “Salmon of Doubt” doesn’t count, then?

  1. Yeah, I heard about this yesterday. Just seems ludicrous in every way. The thing I enjoyed about HGTTG was peering into Douglas Adam’s hilarious brain. They really read like a stream of consciousness (not surprising since he would usually write complete drafts at a time.). I’ve read Colfer and enjoyed his work, but I don’t see him having the same level of success. Even Terry Pratchett (a much better humor writer than either of them) couldn’t, I think, do HGTTG justice.

    As for the movie, it’s worth watching the opening sequence. Other than that, the whole movie felt like a comedian telling a bunch of great jokes with such horrible timing that none of them were funny.

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