Mini Link Dump at Week’s End

;;HISTORY: ;; ;;Nov ’82 – IDS, initial coding ;; ;;Dec ’82 – more coding, hair pulling, general cruftiness ;; ;;Jan ’83 – schedule screaming, rampant insanity, accusations ;; ;;Feb ’83 – semi-winnage, accompanied by cries of anguish and threats;; ;;Mar ’83 – Lucifer announces a cooling trend
And here’s a quote from that aforementioned developer:
“I do remember that [Donkey Kong Jr.] was started in FORTH, and was an ego-driven disaster until that nonsense stopped.”
Somehow, that just shattered a bunch of naive childhood memories.
  • Your Flash Game for the Day: Split Words.  Given a playing board filled with word parts, match up two or three parts to form answers in the board’s theme. It’s timed.  It’s nerve-wracking .And it gets very hard very fast.