Some Recent Twitterings

I used to do these weekly.  I need to get back to that.  You can follow my every Tweet at  Here’s some recent 140-character-max-musings, in no particular order:

  • MI-5 Season Six is coming to DVD January 20th, before it airs on TV in the States, not that I ever watched those butchered versions.
  • The hardest part of using a video camera? Not flipping it on its side to go portrait instead of landscape. I’m such a photographer. . .
  • Oh, and UGH. Wednesdays. Half a week away from my last day off, and halfway towards my next. Wednesdays are a tease.
  • And last night’s episode of THE SHIELD was brilliant as always. Mackey is going to undo himself this season, I fear. It’s too much for him.
  • @eliopoulos – The last thing anyone should ever want to be is a Mets fan in September.
  • Recorded a proof of concept demo type thing for something I may or may not do in the future. It might be more tedious than fun. (I’m still saying no more.)
  • Put together another IKEA Billy bookcase. Flush to the wall, screwed in place. That sucker ain’t moving. (Not that I doubt for a second that my daughter won’t try in a few years. . . )
  • Tuesday. Whose bright idea was Tuesdays?!?  (OK, so these tweets are in vaguely reverse chronological order.)
  • Recorded this week’s podcast a day earlier than usual. That feels good. Should be published tonight. And it’s half as long as the last one. (And then the RSS feed got lost in the cache for a day, and the podcast wasn’t early; it was merely on time.)
  • So, that football thing seems to have started up again, eh? What’s that all about?
  • Sunday morning and I’ve already put a new screen into a sliding door. It’s a swamp out there, though. Ick. Now, to hang a shelf. . .  (Ah, the continuous joys of home ownership.  I’ve also reglued laminate that came loose from a cabinet this week, put together a bookshelf and a side table, and put in a door stopper before a doorknob punched through a wall.)
  • Scanning is boring. (And scanning at high DPIs, doubly so.)

3 thoughts on “Some Recent Twitterings

  1. MI-5/Spooks series 6 is an improvement on previous years mainly because they move away from done-in-one episodes to a more serialised format where the storylines follow on from each other. It still comes across as 24-lite though.

  2. I had the opposite reaction. Really enjoyed Series 5 of Spooks but didn’t care for the serialization of Series 6.

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