New Releases for 23 Sept 2008

I’ve had enough pink in my life this summer, as we prepare the baby’s room and all its accoutrements.

That said, the big release of the week is:

  • Sex and the City: The Movie

And it’s an extended edition, at that!  Oprah’s fanbase must be going crazy right about now. . .

There’s a full screen edition (read: piece of crap re-edited motion blur edition) that is even pinker.  This blog maintains its anti-full screen position by not linking to it.

The better release of the week is this particular double dip:

  • The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration

They just finished restoring the entire trilogy, frame-by-frame. It’s supposed to look fantastic now, like a fresh print all over again.  It’s also available as a boxed set in plain ol’ DVD format, or as individual movie releases, for about $15 a pop.

  • Leatherheads

George Clooney, Renee Zellweger, and John Krasinski (“The Office”) star in a movie about the good ol’ days of football.

  • Deception

Erotic thriller with Hugh Jackman, Ewan MacGregor, and Michele Williams.

  • Run Fatboy Run

Looks stupid to me, but it stars Simon Pegg and Thande Newton (“Mission: Impossible II”), so I’m sure it has its fans.

Wow, that’s an entire week without a TV show on DVD in the list.  That’ll change next week, though, with the “Sports Night: 10th Anniversary Edition” that I know some of you will be wanting to double dip on.

3 thoughts on “New Releases for 23 Sept 2008

  1. Getting sick of the studios not only double dipping on these dvd sets, but triple dipping as well. Weren’t we just given the “ULTIMATE” edition of the Godfather trilogy again just a few short years ago? If we’re completely honest, for 99.999% of the population – the RE-REmastered edition won’t be much different than what we saw last time.

    As for SPORTS NIGHT coming out next week.. now we’re having anniversary editions for tv shows? Moreso.. for tv shows that (sadly) nobody watched the 1st time anyways? Add to this, that the original dvd set was released less than 5 years ago. If you have the original set, don’t waste your $$$ on the upgrade – buy that MAD MEN set instead.

  2. Run Fatboy Run was a really nice, fresh and funny romantic comedy. Far better then people might think.

  3. I think the big appeal this time for The Godfather release is that it is now on Blu-ray, for those that are heading in that direction. But for those not into Blu-ray, I can see how this is frustrating.

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