It can’t get worse for eBay, can it?

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

“In eBay’s latest FAQ, they explain that sellers (for the good of the buyers) will no longer be allowed to accept checks or money orders as payment. They can take electronic payments only. So, will Google Checkout, Checkout by Amazon or Amazon Flexible Payment be allowed? No, says eBay. . .”

I’ve sent and accepted checks and money orders in the past.  OK, it was years ago. I would use PayPal for all that stuff today.  I’m not blaming eBay for destroying this. Really, it’s the community that’s grown too large to police it, with too many pieces of spoiled fruit ruining it for the rest.  eBay isn’t killing its customer base.  It’s merely putting itself out of its misery, step by step.

I need an eBay Death Watch logo for this type of thing.