Twitters for the Week

  • Am now running Leopard on the MacBook. Only a year late to this particular party.
  • If you ever want to feel sorry for celebrities, watch TMZ. Those people are so obnoxious they make millionaire debutantes sympathetic.
  • I’ve only lived in this complex for two months, and they’re already having their second huge garage sale. What’s with this place? 
  • @Ihnatko – I think a lot of the novelty of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” has worn off. Internet memes are not annual events, generally speaking.
  • It’s like I have two jobs some days. . . (CBR keeps me very busy.  Could be even busier, but I ran out of time.)
  • Friggin’ Roxio was creating a backup of every video I ever burned to a DVD. Just deleted them, saving 10 GIG of space. Whoo-hoo! 
  • I’m in the mood for French comics, all of a sudden.
  • Number of appearances Joey Fatone made on the HD version of DWTS but not on SDTV: Too Numerous to Count 
  • Boston Legal is back. I just wish I had the time for it. So sad.
  • Friggin’ Tuesdays. . . One of the worst five days of the week

One thought on “Twitters for the Week

  1. Boston Legal- is on MONDAYS now – and it’s season premiere LAST WEEK – was not even promoted as far as I could tell. Like most of David Kelly’s shows – it started off strong and quickly descended into mediocre crap, which is more the shame because of the pedigree of the actors involved. Everyone has become a bad parody of themselves – and it seems like everyone involved in putting on the show is not really sure if it’s a drama, comedy or subtle satire. Add to this – cast additions and leavings that happen so frequently – that if you miss a few episodes – you’ll be watching an entirely new cast completely ( recent farewells: Clarence, Whitney & Lorraine ). In it’s FINAL season – expect them to attempt to wrap up each characters fate. No doubt – Allan Shore will meet the love of his life and get married, probably during the finale. Missing last week’s premiere – is the chance for me to finally jump ship–seeya suckers !

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