The Brick

Apple LogoSo, Mac fans are setting themselves up for disappointment again.

The latest thing is the “Brick” rumor. Like all the patent filings that lead to wild speculation on new product announcements, “the brick” is a rumor fueled by speculation and incorrect readings of financial reports. The lower profit margins warned by Apple at the end of the last quarter were explained by the lowered prices on the iPods. but that’s not enough for some people, who demand that the margins are falling because Apple will release an all-inclusive touch-screen tablet that will cure cancer and shore up failing banks — for free! Without Google Ads!

Or maybe it’ll just be Apple TV v3.0, complete with HDTV integration, TiVo functionality, a built-in Blu-Ray player, and a Wii built in!

It’s gotten to the point now where “The Brick” is going to excite Apple and the economy and revolutionize the computer industry on October 14th.  Really, check out all the insane predictions that have been made.

And when Apple announces a simple MacBook upgrade — maybe an aluminum case instead of white, with a moderate chip speed-up — Apple fans will whine and complain that Steve Jobs has lost his touch, and that Mac doesn’t revolutionize any thing anymore.

Can’t we just enjoy the surprise when it comes, and stop feeding into the hype machine with endless speculation that gets mistaken for fact?

I hate people sometimes.

That said, I hope it’s Apple TV 3 — but only as a software upgrade so I don’t have to buy a new one.  Mine’s only 6 months old!