Assorted Thoughts for a Tuesday

  • I can feel the balance starting to shift.  I’m starting to tire of all the podcasts.  At work, I’m listening to more music now.  Maybe it’s because it’s easier to do work while listening to music rather than to people talking.  Maybe the job is shifting more than the listener?  I don’t know. Maybe I just need an exciting new podcast to jumpstart me again.
  • The on-going eBay Death Watch took an interesting turn this week, as eBay has finally integrated Skype.  Sorta.  They’re including a Skype link in a Firefox toolbar that very few people will want to install. If the eBay auction you’re looking at has a phone number — not yet a Skype handle — the toolbar will allow you to call up the seller to ask them questions.  Or something.  And who will be silly enough to publish their phone number with their eBay auction?  I imagine that would only be the businesses who use eBay as a side income stream.  Isn’t that the crowd eBay is catering to, to the exclusion of all others these days?
  • Speaking of Apple, congrats to The Unofficial Apple Weblog on their new design.  It’s very nice.  Someday, I’ll do the same to this blog. . .

All things TiVo:

The week’s new DVD releases will be run down here tomorrow.