New DVD Releases for 30 September 2008

There is only one big release this week:

  • Iron Man

Amazing movie. It’s the kind of movie you want to upgrade the home theater system to truly appreciate.  At least, Best Buy seems to be counting on that in their circular this week.  The annoying thing is that they’ve worked out something like six different exclusives to go with this movie. Depending on where you guy, you might be able to buy the movie with a special comic or a special action figure or something.

  • Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD

Yes, it’s the David Hasslehoff made-for-TV movie. It’s a Best Buy exclusive.

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Unrated

Not for me, but maybe it will appeal to one of you. But does it really need a three disc set?

Speaking of shows starring Kristen Bell, Best Buy is now selling VERONICA MARS Seasons 1 – 3 for $20 now.  Well worth it, even with the third season missteps.