Everybody Dance Now!

Due to a lack of much else interesting to watch on TV that my wife would sit still for, I’ve been sucked into “Dancing With The Stars” this season. It’s like watching a live action crossover comic book, though. For starters, one of the contestants’ professional dance partners was a finalist on “So You Think You Can Dance.” (That’s Lacey Schwimmer.) Then, this week’s results show featured choreography to a Jessica Simpson song from two ballroom dancers from previous seasons of “So You Think,” as well as a new number by a choreographer from “So You Think” featuring a dancer from “Step Up 2,” a dance movie produced by a judge on “So You Think.” With Shane Sparks (of “So You Think” fame) now doing Randy Jackson’s (of “American Idol” fame, from the same producer of “So You Think”) dance crew show on MTV, I’m beginning to think the televised dance world is an incestuous little thing. Or that Nygel Lithgoe rules over them all.

Or, perhaps they know they’re a small industry and so stick together for the betterment of their chosen art form.

Too bad the comics world will never learn that lesson. We can’t even manage to get a “Batman/Daredevil” book published, and that’s a guaranteed money printer for Marvel and DC.

One other note: The dance shows repeat for multiple seasons, but the shows that attempt to find a double- or triple-threat always crash and burn — “Grease,” “Fame,” and “Dance War.” People shouldn’t try to sing AND dance at the same time. The professionals make it look easy because they’re lip-synching half the time.

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  1. “The professionals make it look easy because they’re lip-synching half the time. “

    Are you serious?

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