Point and Shoot, Beverly Hills Style

Did you see “90210” on Tuesday night? Sadly, I did. And I laughed where I probably shouldn’t have.

You see, the lead character’s mother is a budding photographer and is given her big break at a fashion show in this week’s episode. Her photography skills start off strongly enough. She uses multiple bodies to switch lenses. She’s using Canon cameras with fast lenses. (They’re huge.) The hot shoe has a pocket wizard or something attached to it to remotely fire the flashes. It’s not tethered to a computer, but that’s forgivable. Not everyone likes working that way.

Then, things go downhill. First, the photographer is seen proofing pics on a light board. These are digital pictures. They’re not making film contact sheets of them. They should be reviewing them on a computer monitor, most likely an Apple Cinema Display.

Then, she’s seen holding the camera inches in front of her face as she takes pictures. She’s not looking through the viewfinder! She’s looking at the screen. This isn’t a point and shoot camera! This is a high end Canon dSLR camera, probably without Live View yet. Even if it did use Live View, that’s not the time to be using it. The lag would destroy her pics.

Also, every woman in the show is entirely too skinny. It’s skeletal looking, save maybe Shannon Doherty.

And I also think I’ve seen enough teenage melodramas now that I recognize they’re all the same show, just with slightly different coats of paint on them. “Dawson’s Creek” was the only one to attempt something different, and that was through its use of language.