New DVD Releases for 07 Oct 2008

Another week, more DVDs. . .  Some interesting ones, too, as we close in on the holiday season.

  • Sleeping Beauty: 50th Anniversary

I honestly don’t have much love for these classics of Disney animation.  I can appreciate the craft that went into them, but the stories tend to bore me, from what I remember of them.  Nevertheless, the remastering process they did with this movie is very very impressive, and I’m half tempted to buy this (you know, for my daughter in the years to come) just to check out the before and after stuff in the bonus materials section.

  • The Happening

For those who forgot, this is the latest bomb by M. Knight Shyamalan.  There’s a director who needs to reinvent himself soon, badly. The box shown in the Best Buy ad this week is subtitled “L’Evenement.” I don’t remember seeing that title in the trailers.

  • Zohan

Adam Sandler’s career continues on well past its prime.  When will we get an “Opera Man” movie?

  • The Smurfs: Season 1, Volume 2

What self-respecting 30-something doesn’t have fond memories of Saturday mornings with the little blue creatures?

  • The Simpsons: Season 11

When the first season came out on DVD, the twice-a-year schedule seemed like it would take forever to get to later seasons. Wow, time flies.

4 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 07 Oct 2008

  1. um, that “subtitle” for “The Happening” is the French version of the title.

  2. Best title this week is Mission Impossible Season 5. I might buy the Sleeping Beauty disk when I get a Blu-Ray player (no point now, I don’t have the video setup to take advantage of it) but for now I’ll stick with my old Platinum release (which was also a beautiful restoration). Sleeping Beauty probably has the least involving story of classic Disney tales. Probably my favorite would be Pinnochio, but even that has some very slow bits. Thankfully they eventually got better at story (and execution of said story) before people tired of simply being visually amused.

  3. The subtitling for the HAPPENING – is probably because they probably use the same casing for selling in Quebec , where they can sell in both french and english. It’s cheaper to have both languages on the dvd cover – than to have 2 seperate versions ( as there’s both english and french tracks on the dvd ).

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