The Spoils of Technology

We are so spoiled today.

I’ve been thinking about the television shows my soon-to-be-born daughter will wind up watching. It’s obviously crucial that she watches only the right things. That’s by responsibility as a parent, after all.

So the question then becomes obvious: What’s the first DVD I plug in for her? Classic Bugs Bunny cartoons? DuckTales episodes? The Muppet Show, Season One?

The more I thought of it, though, the more annoyed I became at the thought of having to eject the DVD player’s tray, put a new disc in, push it back in, wait for it to be recognized by the player, get past the FBI warning screen, and then the annoyingly animated menu to come to a rest.

It made me want to go back and set up a home theater server, and burn all my DVDs to some central storehouse to be called up at a single key click. I don’t have the time and money for that right now, though.

Seriously, it wasn’t more than ten years ago we had to rewind a video tape to get back to the first scene in a movie after watching the whole thing. Now, I’m bothered that it’s not basically instantaneous.

We are so spoiled today.

(I’m definitely thinking “What’s Opera, Doc?” The music should make her happy. Or maybe “Rabbit of Seville,” as it discusses death a little less.)

2 thoughts on “The Spoils of Technology

  1. For my kids, it went like this…

    –Little Einstein till they were about 8 months –Sesame Street till they were age 4 –After age 4, introductions to the Muppet Show and Looney Tunes (which they both love)

    I’m glad you’ll be teaching your kids the classics! And trust me on the Little Einstein DVDs – it’s classical music with shiny objects on the screen. The kids get mesmerized, and you get a half-hour nap. :)

  2. I’ll second Little Einsteins. We held off on all TV until about 18 months, but LE was one of the first things she watched at that point. since 2, it’s been LE, Sesame Street and Curious George with the occasional movie thrown in. Things like Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, etc. can actually be a little frightening for little little kids, so tread carefully – you never know what’s going to set your child off!

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