Apple Reality Check

Let’s face facts — iPhone developers don’t drop their prices for a day or two to celebrate anything. They do it to get coverage on Mac news sites and to artificially boost their sales numbers to, hopefully, achieve a top ranking on the App Store.

Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t take advantage of a $3 app that’s now $1 or anything, rather that we need to stop lying to ourselves.

Also: I have neither an iPod Touch nor an iPhone, so none of this melodrama affects me directly.

One thought on “Apple Reality Check

  1. The only quibble I would have is with the word “artificial.” It could be that an app/game/software toy might not sell at the $5 the author originally wanted (or perhaps picked at random), but will sell like hotcakes at $2 or $1. You could think of it as promotional pricing or the product merely finding its level.

    And it’s sold me a lot of stuff I wouldn’t otherwise try out.

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