Gentlemen, start your engines!

Tea Leoni is now on the market. David Duchovny & Téa Leoni Separated ‘For Several Months’

David Duchovny, who recently left rehab for sex addiction, and wife Téa Leoni released a statement Wednesday saying they have been separated for some time.

Though they were very careful to point out his addiction was to internet materials and not other real world women, you can’t imagine that the marriage was long for this world once that news leaked out.  Turns out, it’s been done a while.

3 thoughts on “Gentlemen, start your engines!

  1. Word from other sources is that Tea was actually the one who was cheating — with Billy Bob Thorton, with whom she just finished making the movie “Manure.”

  2. That almost makes more sense. He’s on a show about a man with “sexual compulsions” – and they announce this just as his new season is starting – sounds like it probably wouldn’t hurt him since people tend to see celebs as their characters anyways. As for Tea, despite being a talented comedian/actress – her career isn’t where it should be – and cheating on Mr.Duchovny who is much beloved by fans – would leave a bad taste in people’s mouths towards her.

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