Ah, the broken recording industry

Tim McGraw Apologizes to Fans for Third Greatest Hits Album

Country singer Tim McGraw apologized to his fans for his latest greatest hits CD, criticizing his label for not releasing a record with new material, People magazine reported Tuesday.“I am saddened and disappointed that my label chose to put out another hits album instead of new music,? People quoted McGraw as saying.

Even the artists don’t like the recording industry.

3 thoughts on “Ah, the broken recording industry

  1. If he really feels that way, give the $$$ from it to charity – instead of bitching about the record company and accepting their so-called “hand-outs”.

  2. C’mon Augie.. you really think at this point in his career that Tim McGraw is making a mere sixpence for this thing? Nothing is stopping him from doing new material – and this collection not only is FOUND money for him, but also helps draw new fans in and expand his fanbase – who’ll use it as an intro. to his material.

    If he’s that unhappy, do what Alan Moore is doing with money he would have gotten from the Watchmen film – give it to people who worked on it with him. Then again, the money he would have gotten from that pales compared to the payday he’ll get from Warner reprinting the Watchmen tpb one million times in preperation of demand from the movie.

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