Things I’ve Learned, Part Three

  • The most relieving sound in the world is that burp a baby makes after sucking down an ounce of formula.  Makes you feel like you’re doing the job right.
  • The ickiest feeling is when the kid craps while sitting in your arm or leg, and you can feel the impact of it through her diaper.
  • The most painful thing so far has been my penchant to hold her in my right arm to put her to bed at night for far too long.  My right bicep didn’t see her coming. She may only be 8 lbs., but after 15 minutes in one arm, she starts pulling you over.  Lesson to be learned: If you’re planning on having a child, start doing curls.

4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned, Part Three

  1. From my own personal experience, I can think of something ickier than point #2.

  2. Ha! Been there. Welcome to fatherhood. Any squeamishness or dignity you had going into the enterprise will soon be gone.

    And if you’re getting arm soreness, you’re holding rather than cradling. Get into a good rocking chair, prop that baby-holding arm against the chair’s arm, and get to (slow) rocking. No warm baby with a full somach can resist.

  3. Trip – Luckily, she hasn’t peed or pooped directly on me yet. I’m working on keeping that track record clean!

    Rick – The problem with the arm is that I was standing up and holding her, so my elbow had nowhere to rest. I’ve discovered in the last 24 hours or so that she loves to be held over my shoulder. Puts her right out. Beautiful thing, while it lasts.

  4. Good luck avoiding the poop rockets! My daughter got me (and the carpet and the wall) good one time while cleaning her up on her changing table. On the flip side, I never got sprayed by my son so I either learned my lesson with the first kid or I just got really lucky! :-)

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