Photography Link Dump

  • Automatic Photo Tagging and Image Search.  Imagine loading your picture into your image catalog program of choice and letting the program set up all the tag for you.  ALIPR attempts just that.  I tested it with a few images (and even a comic book cover or two) and it’s awful.  But I like the concept and hope someday we get there.
  • Lightroom 2 suggests tags right now. I’m most looking forward to the release next week of the Lightroom 2 Adventure book.  You can see the cover in the sidebar to the right at the moment.  The first book was my favorite instructional manual for Lightroom. I have high hopes that this one will teach me the new features of the great program.
  • The Digital Photography Show is one photography podcast I’ve listened to since I got serious about my photography just over a year ago, and began saving up for a dSLR. Sadly, it’s toast. Its hosts have left the show. Its parent company has refused to air their farewell show and is looking for new hosts.  Clearly, something ugly happened behind the scenes here. The owner of the podcast network and the host of the photography podcast once hosted a podcast together about making the world a better place. Now, it would appear they just aren’t getting along.  Sad, but funny.  There’s likely a lesson in here about the value of owning your creations.  As one whose podcast is basically owned by a larger company, though, I’m hardly the one to make that point.