What I’ve Learned in the Last Week, Part Four

  • Talking about your new baby will only cause your blog readership to plummet.  I think it’s now official that I have more people reading my Twitter account than this blog.  Rebrand or die.  Or, wait it out.  The baby talk will slowly recede.  We’ll be talking MacBooks and Wii games I don’t have time or money for soon enough.  (Update: Ironically, my RSS readership just hit a new all-time high this morning. Perhaps you’re all just switching?  That’s OK by me and my ego. . . )
  • Babies can sense when you’re leaving them to go back to work and they’ll rip your shoulder off before letting you go.  Or, at least, they’ll squeeze their hand’s might on your pinky finger that they can grasp.  The rest is in your head.
  • I’m not sure I like being a housewife.  It’s odd to run errands during the day and just not seeing men in any store I go to.  It’s all housewives and mothers with younger children. Or, it’s the fact I work in IT where 90% is male that being back in the real world is such a shocker.
  • You’re going to need a bigger hard drive. I just got my new 750GB jobber.  The 300GB that held my iTunes and pictures couldn’t take anymore.

3 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned in the Last Week, Part Four

  1. Great, I just fought with my computer to put in a 250GB hard drive I’ve had lying around for months. And put in two 1 GB RAM chips. Every time I upgrade my PC, something goes wrong, making me not want to mess with it in the future. Self-fullfilling prophecy? Perhaps, as I had the same ID10T error with the RAM the last time I did that on a PC of mine, plus the graphics card holder broke because it was in the way of getting the RAM in, plus the video capture peripheral’s plug bent and now won’t plug into the card, and I have a nice cut on my finger as well.

    This is why I decided to go with the software aspect of computer engineering in college and do as little hardware as needed to get my degree. At least I still have my 500 GB external, much of which will be transferred to the internal 250 GB.

  2. Twin, dual-booting 500gb drives — wooo! Storage is cheap.

    A question for Augie, why would you want to make your blog available via RSS feed? Is there any advantage for you to do that, or is it just for the convenience of your audience?

  3. Rick – There have been (mostly anecdotal) stories about how open RSS feeds lead to greater readership. Making it as easy as possible for people to read what I write is a good thing. It’s not like I’m making money on ad sales for this blog. I make a few bucks a month on Amazon Associates. I’ve torn down the rest of the ads (mostly) because nobody clicks on them.

    But as someone who relies on an RSS newsreader these days to peruse the dozens of blogs I do, it would be hypocritical of me to cut them off. Plus, I’d flat out lose readers. There are those who would either read you in their feed reader, or just not bother with you at all. Honestly, I’m just about there myself these days.

    Phil – I’m with you. I can deal with programming. I have limited patience for hardware, networks, etc. Thankfully, hard drives are cheap these days. I got the 750GB job for just $95. I remember spending that much on a ZIP Drive back in the day, for cartridges that held, what, 100 MB? Time flies.

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