This just in – Pepsi Rebranding

As a Pepsi man, I need to think about this for a day or two:

Brand New: Pepsi, New Bottles

Initial impression: Ah, so Pepsi is aiming for the text messaging set.  “Mtn Dew”?!?  And is that “Mist” log (seen here) a little too literal, and potentially tough to read on the stands?

On the other hand, I kinda like the typography on the bottles.  The new logos will take some getting used to, but I think I might grow to like it.  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “This just in – Pepsi Rebranding

  1. I do like the “Sierra Mist” one, would catch my eye in the store and make me consider purchasing it if hadn’t in past ( which I haven’t, being that as far as I know – they don’t sell it here in Quebec ). The “Mountain Dew” being labelled “Mtn Dew” just rubs me the wrong way. In my eyes, you don’t use shorthand or netspeak for trademarked names ( and do we have to further contribute to the dumbing down of Americans by not knowing how to spell ? ). As for the new “Pepsi” logo/symbol, I hate it – it reaks of fake high-tech futurism. I somehow doubt that it gives off the “comforting” vibe that drinks like “Pepsi” and “Coke” want to give off ( and erases any “nostalgia” characteristic that does attract repeat drinkers.

  2. I remember when they redesigned the Pepsi logo, what? twenty years ago? I was just getting used to the current ones and they change again!

  3. Augie, as an Atlantan and dedicated Coke drinker I would like to let you know that you are always welcome to join us. It’s so tasty and delicious over here. Coke won’t go changing on you. Except for new Coke, but we don’t talk about that.

  4. The good news about the new Pepsi logo is that they DIDN’T go for the cliched fake 3-d globe looking thing that everyone else has gone with. See, for example. AT&T.

    Kevin – I drink Coke when I’m forced to in a restaurant. I’m familiar with how much I don’t like it. But keep trying. Someday, New New Coke might emerge to capture my fancy. ;-)

  5. I must say, I do not anticipate buying a soda based on the label. Either I like the drink or I do not.

    Over the past few years, I have come to like the taste of Coca Cola better than Pepsi, anyway.

  6. I prefer Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke, but my favorite new soda from the past couple of years is Coke Zero — hands down.

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