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Even when I’m out of time to write stuff for this blog, I’m still on Twitter.  Follow me there, or wait for these sporadic compilations:

  • How to eat like a dad: quickly.
  • Passed by the stacks of Guitar Hero III at Best Buy today and wept a little. I wanna play! (This was Thursday; They were pre-order boxes, I guess.)
  • @JAFlanagan – Crap. “Jessie’s Girl” as a $2 download for Guitar Hero? I need to find time to play this and buy this. Thanks!
  • I miss the good ol’ crazy days of Amazon when a pre-ordered DVD would often arrive a day before its street date.
  • Just emptied the trash on my desktop and LOST hard drive space. Hunh?!?
  • Someone needs to take Cringely by the shoulders, shake vigorously, and assure him that Apple isn’t a giant conspiracy against him.
  • Cringely still thinks Apple is holding out on him, that the latest announcements still hide Some Big Surprise.
  • How has Jerry Yang not been sued by Yahoo stockholders for every penny he’s worth yet? Yahoo has been an utter disaster this year.
  • Dammit, one of these lottery tickets has to come through for me eventually, right? I want OUT of the rat race.
  • From all the podcasts I listen to, I appear to be the only podcaster on the planet whose never had major Skype problems.

2 thoughts on “More from Twitter

  1. Re: Yang and Yahoo. Well, other than taking Microsoft up on its offer pre-entire stock market crash, it’s not clear to me what someone could do that’d be much better than Yang.

    Occurred to me the thing about Yahoo right now is to ask the question “What could Yahoo be in five years?. They’ve basically lost to Google for the most part, and the trends are against them. What have they got that, in five years, they could be the leader in (and whatever it is has to be a substantial revenue generator, not just best of breed thing that brings in a few tens of millions)?

  2. Good point, Tom. The other thing that occurs to me now that I think about it, is that even if Yahoo had agreed to the deal earlier in the year, who’s to say it would have gone through, anyway? The way the economy has been this year, who’s to say Microsoft wouldn’t have backed out during whatever period there would have been between buyout acceptance and actual merger?

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