New Releases for 28 October 2008

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

Brendon Frasier and some kids have a kid friendly sci-fi adventure.  And now you can see it at home in 3-D — cardboard glasses included, of course!  As if that’s not enough, you can also get “The Polar Express” in 3-D these days.  I just learned that in the Best Buy circular.

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition: Limited-Edition Tin Box Set

This time around, you’re getting “First Spaceship on Venus (1960), Laserblast (1978), Werewolf (1996), and Future War (1997).”  Sounds good to me!

  • Elton John: The Red Piano

This is the 2-DVD/2-CD set of Elton John’s Las Vegas spectacle show. That includes a making of documentary as well as the full concert in both audio and video.

  • Guitar Hero: World Tour

Not a DVD, granted, but check that subject header again.  I never mentioned “DVD.” ;-)  I so want to buy this (even if only the game only edition), just so I can download and play “Jessie’s Girl.”

2 thoughts on “New Releases for 28 October 2008

  1. I picked up GH: WT and almost immediately it reminded me of why I prefer RB and RB2… it’s clunkier, the graphics/animation are more cartoonish, and the lack of comparable DLC makes the product seem half-assed in comparison. On the OTHER hand, the instruments are pretty much superior to RB’s standard bundle (although I haven’t played the ION drumkit yet, and I’m still not giving up my “Les Paul” from GH3, easily my favorite plastic toy guitar ever :)

    And when you get around to having to finish Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold”, you’ll literally want to find the guy and run him over with a buffalo for writing such a ponderously overlong mid-70s mid-tempo number. (And I LOVE the Nuge!!) My arms are still sore from the drums on that one.

    Still, it’s a very good game-only buy if you already gots a gee-tarr… as a Party Game with all the instruments, I think RB is a better choice.

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