Beatles: The Video Game

So let me get this straight: After a year and a half of negotiations, The Beatles have inked a deal with the maker of Rock Band for a game to come out 13 months from now that’s not Rock Band, and that they won’t guarantee any compatibility with RB instruments just yet?  Ooooookay.

Well, that was certainly worth a press release.

2 thoughts on “Beatles: The Video Game

  1. Well, they may be thinking that it’s better to release the information now than have it leak to the press unceremoniously later on. That’s my theory, anyway.

    Also, according to Kotaku and Joystiq (for whatever that’s worth), the Rock Band peripherals will be supported, and probably the Guitar Hero ones as well. Given that the product is coming from EA, it’s pretty unlikely that the game won’t at least support their own controllers, although I’m putting even money on new, Beatles-oriented controllers becoming available for people who don’t already own Rock Band.

  2. Or maybe… EA is using this new release .. to push the NEXT GENERATION of Rock Band/Guitar Hero, and force everybody to buy the new paddles/whatever.

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