Friday Link Dump

It’s still Friday for another hour or so. . .

  • Coming soon to your TV: Photography Network?  I’ve been watching “Behind the Camera” a lot on the Gallery HD network.  It has some nice stuff in it, and some hacky stuff that’s tough to take seriously.  For starters, don’t call yourself a serious professional photographer if you’re still using the kit lens!  UGH.  It’s also very Canadian.  That doesn’t bother me, but it does stick out every now and again.
  • MetaFilter shows the great Mark Kistler the love.  Back in my artsy fartsy days (when I was about 10 – 12 years old), he was a very important part of my TV life.  To know there are episode of Commander Mark’s show on YouTube is to know sheer joy.
  • Don’t forget: NaNoWriMo begins this weekend!  And I’m still not doing it.  It’s true; you’ll always find an excuse to not do something.  And, thus, nothing gets done.  But at least I’m caught up on “The Shield.”

Mostly linking these to remind me to look further into them over the weekend: