Today’s Photography Tip

Say you’re watching TV in the dark with your daughter.  You notice how gosh-darned cute she looks, just sleeping there next to you in her boppy.  You want to take her picture, but realize it’s way too dark to do so.  Using a flash or turning on the lights runs you the risk of waking her up.

What do you do?

Well, first you crank up the ISO to 1600.  Those pics are usually an affront to humanity in the noise department, but the noise reducing function in Lightroom 2 is pretty good.  I imagine Noise Ninja is even better, but I’m too cheap at the moment to find out.

Second, you take your laptop and point the screen at her.  That gives you enough light to take a pic.

Sadly, the light is many colors.  Sure, I could have just loaded a blank white file in Photoshop and used that to project white light onto my girl, but hindsight is 20/20.

Finally, switch the pic to black and white, add a slight vignette to the corners to make it look old-fashiony, and voila!  Instant cuteness!

Eat your heart out, Strobist!

My daughter in black and white

You’ll notice the light is brighter along the bottom of the frame.  That’s where the laptop was.

Who needs an $400 Nikon Speedlite, when you can use a $1100 MacBook?