My Mac Screen at the moment

YouTube – My Mac Screen at the moment

This is a short screen grab of the junk on my screen when I use my Power Mac tower (dual G5s) right now.  I’m assuming it’s the fault of the graphics card going bad. Wht do you think?  Does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions?  Has anyone had a similar problem on their four year old computer before?

2 thoughts on “My Mac Screen at the moment

  1. I’ve not had this particular thing happen to me but I would immediately suspect the graphics card.

    You might want to boot to your OS install CD and see if the problem persists there as well or if it goes away? That would eliminate your OS as the issue.

    Beyond that, reseat the graphics board maybe?

    Does the monitor work on other computers without a problem?

    Good luck

  2. I did pull out the graphics card, give it a good dusting, and put it back in. That seemed to fix the problem for about 20 seconds. Maybe I could plug this Macbook laptop into the screen. I hadn’t thought of that. Don’t know that I have the wire or connector I need to do it, though.

    Booting to the install DVD is not a bad idea, either. Thanks! I have a little work to do next. . .

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