Time for Some Tweets!

Follow the Tweets as they happen!  Or, here are some recent highlights:

  • This was a very very good day for packages and mail arriving. Also got my kit for wireless off-camera flash. Can’t wait to go all Strobist.
  • Off camera flash is functioning. All pictures are wildly overexposed. Much learning yet to be done. (I think I’ve found the secret – manual mode. Scary, but exciting!)
  • Who’s destined to lose the World Series of Poker? The guy with fans in t-shirts that say “Whose the bully now?” It hurt me to type that.  (Was the final table on last night? I’ll need to tape the repeat on ESPN 2.)
  • Oprah says her show is ending in 2011. Funny, she says that every time she’s due for a new contract. Coincidence? I think not.
  • So, my computer may need a new graphics card, my TiVo fails to recognize a USB wi fi dongle, and the cable box is on the fritz. UGH UGH UGH
  • Wall-E is a remarkable achievement in animation. I loved that first half hour. Brilliant acting and classic cinematography.
  • With DVR screwed up — Cablevision will need to replace it — I’ve downloaded last week’s ep of THE SHIELD. So I’ll watch it Apple TV now! (Still haven’t watched it. . .)
  • TiVo is now updating itself through someone else’s wi-fi network. At 30%. Can’t find where to change networks, though. Annoying.
  • One of my all time greatest accomplishments: Getting my daughter to sleep tonight. Sheesh. Took 30 laps in her snap and go in dining room. 
  • I want to dirty some dishes now, just so I can run the dishwasher to clean the few that are dirty. It’s a sickness. 
  • This week’s TWiT set the new low standard for podcasting. Horrible unlistenable pointless episode. What a waste.