Wall-E: The PIXAR Story

My “Wall-E” DVD review is now live at CBR.  I’m still watching more of the bonus materials in the set, so here are further thoughts:

“The PIXAR Story” documentary is really nice.  It’s obviously a few years old.  Looks like it was done after “Cars” came out.  The story ends with the Disney acquisition.  It’s funny to see director Andrew Stanton looking a decade younger, without glasses, and with much shorter hair in the movie, as opposed to the “Wall-E” featurettes. It’s sad to see story man Joe Ranft talking about PIXAR, given that he died in a car accident in 2005. (Wow, three years ago already?!?) Also sad to see the last of Disney’s Nine Old Men, Frank and Ollie, being interviewed.  They’ve since departed from the mortal plane, as well.

The director of the piece has the last name of “Iwerks,” leading me to wonder if it’s any relation to animation pioneer Ub Iwerks.

Wow, animation people love videotaping themselves doing everything — Brad Bird camcorded his drive into PIXAR on his first day of work. Someone videotaped Lasseter’s reaction to the news that “Toy Story” had been greenlighted.  Thankfully, someone recorded Brid’s “Call to Arms” to the troops at the beginning of “The Incredibles.”  Heck, Lasseter was making movies of just his day-to-day job back at the Disney studios in the 1980s.

I had no idea that “Toy Story 2” was in as much trouble as it was.  They didn’t go too deeply into detail, other than to say that John Lasseter came back from vacation, spent a weekend rescripting the whole movie, and saved it. They probably covered this on the TS2 DVD way back when, but I can’t remember everything anymore.

“A Bug’s Life” came out three years after “Toy Story.”  Can you imagine waiting three years for the next PIXAR movie today?

Also: The “Up” teaser looks interesting, but there’s not much there, besides Ed Asner’s voice and some balloons.  A full trailer is now available at the Apple Movie Trailer site. I watched it on my Apple TV tonight and it’s pretty funny.  It’s playing off that story of the woman who wouldn’t leave her house while new skyscraper-type construction happened around her.  I probably linked to it in a link dump around here somewhere. . .

3 thoughts on “Wall-E: The PIXAR Story

  1. Leslie Iwerks is the granddaughter of Ub Iwerks. Just another one of the many reasons I’m excited about this release.

  2. I’m at long last buying a Blu-Ray player, but it was the imminent release of “Wall-E” that made me do it. Just a stunning looking film throughout (Dark Knight next month doesn’t hurt either).

    You know what though, I liked it when there were a few years between Pixar movies. It made each movie more of an “event” worth waiting for. OK, maybe three years is a long time, but they used to have 1.5 years between films (they’d alternate between Christmas and Summer) and now we have a new one every summer. Oh well. As long as the quality persists, I really shouldn’t complain. I’ve never missed a Pixar film in theaters, and (hopefully) I never will!

  3. Saw “The Pixar Story” at Comic Con 2 years ago. Leslie Iwerks presented it. Wasn’t expecting much (an animator friend was the one who wanted to see it) butt was blown away by how in-depth and interesting it was. It had the test shots for Where The Wild Things Are and much more rare footage and interviews. I am as excited for this as Wall-E!

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