There is no GOOD day of the week

Hate MondaysMonday – Duh. It’s Monday. The first day of another five day long epic struggle against The Man. Inevitably, it’s a lost cause. The cube is your cage.

Tuesday – Still three more days to go after this one. And you still have to get through this one.  Sure, you have one day behind you, but those three in front loom large. The week has barely begun.

Wednesday – You’d think that the mid-week “New Comic Book Day” would make me happy, but it’s trumped by something more worrisome: There’s no life-changing-money lottery on Wednesday. So once you know you didn’t win on Tuesday night’s drawing, you know you won’t be quitting your day job either today OR tomorrow. Wednesday is the new Monday.

Thursday – That lottery thing is still in effect. Plus, it’s now the FOURTH day in a row you’ve been stuck at work and it’s not the end of the week. You still have to get through another day after this one is done.

Friday – Many people like this day. I don’t get it; you still have to get up early and shuffle off to work. Feh. And then everyone wants to know what your plans are. None of yer bee’s wax!  You don’t give a crap what I do the other 5 nights a week.  Why do you suddenly care about my “time off”?

Saturday – OK, I like Saturdays. There’s hope for this day. Something fun might happen. Something you might want to get done may be doable. But there’s also the pressure of doing something, accomplishing something. Sometimes, after five looong days at work, you’re just not in the mood to be productive. And, dagnabit, shouldn’t you get one day of rest in a week? UGH, I think I hate Saturdays, too.

Sunday – You’d think this would be a repeat of Saturday, but it’s really not. On the best of Sundays, the fear of Monday strikes at 6:00 p.m. You still have to go to bed at a respectable hour, because tomorrow is the start of another long work week. You realize all day that you didn’t get nearly enough done over the weekend as you wanted to. There’s no lottery drawing to save you until Monday night. Sunday is a death day. It has the shine of a weekend day, but that’s a very slim coating. The truth is much more depressing – Sunday is Pre-Monday.

That’s the Seven Depressing Days of the Week. So, any big plans this weekend?


5 thoughts on “There is no GOOD day of the week

  1. Ha, it’s pretty hard to disagree with that. I loathe Sundays, as you said there is the dread of another week starting and you are usually trying to fit in all the stuff that should have been done earlier in the week. Saturdays are useful if you get up and do stuff but that creates another problem of whether to have a nice lie in versus getting up to sort things out.

    Friday is usually grand, I finish class at 11am, then nip into town to pick up my comics, spend the afternoon reading them, make dinner, then head out to the pub or in tonight’s case a Thin Lizzy tribute band.

  2. That entry reminds me of how I felt when I was a 9-6 tool of the system. WOW, it’s amazing how much I do not miss enduring five days of purgatory to get to two more days of purgatory. My “new” unconventional lifestyle is certainly not perfect, but it is sooooooooooo much better than working for Da Man.

    Good luck with your search for something better, Augie. It’s out there. Really. Just be brave enough to sincerely look for it, and sincerely move to achieve it. It’s there.

  3. I have come to the conclusion that any day I am up and out of bed and on the right side of the grass is a good day.

    Considering the alternative is non-existence, I will always be happy to be up and about.

    I am also not a cubicle worker. I am an electrician in the construction field. I enjoy what I do.

    So, that is my 2 cents.

  4. I totally agree with Sundays although I really only dislike Sundays after 3:00 PM. I call that time (with proper attribution to Douglas Adams) “the long, dark tea time of the soul” because it’s around that time that I realize that the weekend is almost over and dread going back to work on Monday.

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