Link Dump Time!

  • Yesterday was the Nintendo Wii’s second birthday in North America.  My, how time flies.  It seems that it’s a little easier to find a Wii today, but that won’t last once the Christmas season starts next week.  If you’re still on the fence, this might be your last best chance to find one on shelves in 2008.
  • Allow me to be the one millionth website this week to point out that Google now hosts LIFE’s picture archive.  You can, indeed, get lost for hours upon hours in there. Other blogs are only just starting to mine the archives for interesting material.  I think I just lost a half hour staring at World War II pics. . .
  • Does it annoy you, too, when people ask you a question that they could have just Googled for first and saved us both some time? Here’s the new proper response:
  • What’s the dumbest idea you could think of for the web?  What’s the least useful thing ever?  How about HugeURL?

One thought on “Link Dump Time!

  1. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked past a Wii display in Target a couple of weeks ago and they had a bunch of them for sale. Needless to say, Christmas can’t come soon enough for both my kids and myself.

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