The Shield: There Aren’t Enough Superlatives

mackey_bigger.jpgOnce I pick my jaw up off the ground, I’ll write more about it.

Tomorrow night.

OK, just this: Best Series Finale Ever.

Best last thirty seconds of a series ever.

Jeez.  If more TV were like this, we’d all be happy people.

I need to go hug my daughter now.
And I’ve just ruined the show with overpraise for all of you who haven’t started watching the DVDs yet. I’m sorry.  I’m just in awe.

Michael Chiklis gets the Emmy this year, or the Emmys might as well close up shop.

One thought on “The Shield: There Aren’t Enough Superlatives

  1. You can never praise The Shield enough and I really hope the people associated with The Emmys use their brains for a change and reward the show for its consistent brilliance. Just even that picture above strikes fear into me. The Shield is/was simply the best show on TV, bar none. I’m so jealous, the finale series still hasn’t come to my shores yet but it has to be soon now it is all wrapped up in the US.

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