Black Friday Spectacular!

Well, I certainly hope you all did your part in this “economic crisis” that so many businesses are using as an excuse to look good while they lay off people they should have laid off months or years ago.  I hope, instead, that you spent lots of money on momentarily cheap stuff today.

I picked up a couple things I can’t talk about yet, since they’re Christmas presents for people who might read this blog.  And, for myself, I picked up the Transformers movie DVD at Target for $5.99.  It’s movie-only, but that’s OK. I want it mostly as a home theater demo disc.  It’s the ultimate boys’ movie — big and loud and shiny.

Did you pick up anything today? Did Amazon’s slate of specials woo you?  (iPod Touch for half price?!?  Wow.)  Did Apple’s meager savings push your credit card over the edge?

7 thoughts on “Black Friday Spectacular!

  1. I didn’t buy the iPod Touch, as I know a year down the road they’ll be giving them away for $ 100 or less – but that was indeed a good bargain for someone who needs it right now. What I did buy was the ENTOURAGE DVD sets at $ 9.99 each ( season 1, 2, 3-part1 and 3-part-2 ) which was a bargain, as well as the 3-disc Criterion collection of BRAZIL for $ 33 ( been on sale all week, as most of the Criterion stuff is – but is almsot 1/2 price ).

    I didn’t really plan on buying anything, having almost maxed out my card this year on early online Christmas shopping deals – but all this stuff sounded too good to be true.

  2. …. I missed that iPod Touch special. Dang it!

    I picked up a couple of Flash drives and camera cards for people, as well as a vacuum cleaner, House S3, and some toys for presents.

  3. I thought long and hard about getting the Entourage seasons, but I held off. Instead, I picked up a few cheapo discs at Amazon:

    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer $4.99 Sex & the City Movie $8.99 Speed Racer $9.99 Cat In the Hat (Mike Myers) $3.99 Night At the Museum $4.99

    The first is for me. The second a stocking stuffer for my wife. The last three are stocking stuffers for my three kids, mostly my son because he’s the oldest; the two girls (2 years and 5 months) are too young to really get much out of movies. My son has been dying to see Speed Racer, he loves Dr Seuss books, and whenever we see the Museum trailer he asks when are we going to rent it.

    Now, if CDs would ever plummet in cost like DVDs, I could do some substantial adding to my Blue Note collection.

  4. Went to Guitar Center’s 15% Off Black Friday sale… and was inundated with hordes of “Soccer Moms” and scores of angry little brats playing “Crazy Train”, “Smoke on the Water”, and “Iron Man” over and over and OVER again. Schnikies.

    But I did manage to pick up a pretty sweet Fender American Standard Strat… I’ve been “lost” in it ever since!

  5. This year I decided to stay in and not buy anything. I just haven’t been impressed with the sales the past few years. I don’t think I even left the house yesterday!

  6. I went to my local comic book shop and purchased 2 Preacher trades at 70% off. That is hard to beat.

  7. Tons of great video game and movie deals, mostly the result of Amazon price matching all the B&M stores. Picked up some nice deals for gifts, also:

    30 Rock season one – $13 Bank Job (blu-ray) – $15 310 to Yuma – $4

    A few others I cant remember – Thursday night/Friday AM is now a blur of credit card numbers and online checkouts. But the gem was yesterday, when I picked up the remastered Godfather set on Blu-Ray for $41 at Best Buy, less a $10 coupon, less a $10 mail in rebate for having the original set on DVD = total price of $21. Plus I sold my original DVD set on Amazon for $20, so my total cost to upgrade was $1!! Sweet.

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