Organizing Your Home Theater

By all accounts, my “home theater” system is defined in the loosest sense of the term. I have a HDTV that’s hooked up to an Apple TV, a Nintendo Wii, the cable HD DVR, a TiVo, and a DVD player.  Plus, there’s a surround sound system that hooks into the DVD and DVR.  Not terribly flashy, but it does add up. Still, there’s no 7.1 surround, Blu Ray player. ceiling-mounted projector, racks of stereo gear, etc. In any case, it adds up to a lot of wires.

I need to straight them out, but I don’t know where to begin.  I’ve used twist ties to bundle up some of the longer wires as much as possible, but that still results in bundles of wires clogged together with loose wires in a bird’s nest of wiry messes behind the entertainment system.

I suppose I could use the back panel of the cabinet this all sits on to tape wires up there and organize them in some way, but there’s not THAT much room, and the wires are going all over the place.

So what do you do?  Any tips or tricks you care to share?  Is there a system I can buy into to straighten out all these wires?

(I have this sinking feeling that I’ve brought this topic up before on this blog.  Apologies for the redundancy, in advance.  Maybe there are some new readers here who have new answers, at least. )

3 thoughts on “Organizing Your Home Theater

  1. my personal favorite is finding a nice long tube….like a bigger version of a paper towel roll tube….and putting the cords through that… :-)

  2. There are no tricks only patients and time. If you can swing it put all the components into a rack. I find its way easier to cable from a rack then from an entertainment center.

    For my home and at work, I just label everything, use zip ties, and hope that I don’t have to undo it all at any point.

    Good luck

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