New Releases for 09 Dec 2008

Well, really, there’s this one:

  • The Dark Knight

And then all the rest.  But that’s a very odd choice for cover art on the “Dark Knight” DVD, isn’t it?  Batman on the bike?  Not even The Joker on the cover?  Odd.  I got a coupon from B.J.s Warehouse (awful name for a business) for $6 off.  Might have to drive by this week.  I’m due for a couple crates of assorted household goods, anyway. . .

  • Lost Season Four

Season Five begins in just over a month, I believe. I can’t wait.

  • Horton Hears a Who

Not a Chuck Jones animated short, sadly.  Though, for all I know, they might have slipped that on this DVD as a special feature.

  • Man on Wire

This is the documentary about the guy who did the tight rope walk across the Twin Towers thirty years ago. It’s been getting rave reviews, and sounds fascinating.

  • The Wire: Complete Series
  • Deadwood: Complete Series

I think a lot of people will be very happy to see that “Wire” collection.

7 thoughts on “New Releases for 09 Dec 2008

  1. The Wire — mmmmmmm I’m watching the Wire: Season 5, via Netflix. We received the last-episode disc Saturday and I’ll watch it Monday. Hands down, without a doubt, The Wire is the best television show ever created. EVAH! It’s already brought tears to my eyes four times during season 5.

    No other show comes close. Not within a country-mile close.

  2. “The Wire” is on the short list of TV series I want to see after I win the lottery and can spend more time in front of the TV again. One of these days. . .

  3. “I think a lot of people will be very happy to see that “Wire? collection.”

    Not those of us who own Season 1-4 and are hoping that Santa will bring us Season 5. And there it is, all in one box. ::sigh::

    I’m pretty sure the Chuck Jones Horton is not included, but it was re-released a few months ago. We got it at the library and immediately had lots of patrons getting confused.


  4. Even though I loved HOMICIDE, it was clearly something that suffered due to it’s being a network show. the 1st two or three seasons were brilliant, but later seasons, though still great compared to most of the pap out there, clearly suffered due to network interference ( such as them bringing in more “traditional” looking tv cop types onto the show in later seasons, them ditching Melissa Leo for obviously being not “Hollywood” enough DESPITE being possibly the 1st realistic female cop on tv ), as well as being forced to filter down the material in terms of language and content. THE WIRE on the other hand, could go “full hog” being on HBO, could go into themes that regulat tv mever could ( such as “Hamsterdam” – where the drug trade was pushed into a “regulated” area – and it actually made the city a better place ), and tap acting and writing talent to produce the closest thing to urbam Shakespeare that we’ve ever seen on tv. Along with THE SHIELD, one of the best shows on tv during the last 20 years, and not on a traditional network.

  5. My copy of the Blu-Ray has the burning building picture on the cardboard sleeve, and this Joker picture on the sleeve in the case itself. So they do exist! I’m not sure where you got your pictures from, but would certainly concur that Batman on a bike is not the best of pictures.

  6. Wow, heavy week. It’s like there is some kind of holiday coming up or something.

    Lost Season 4 was excellent and got the show right back on track and Man On Wire is really worth taking the time to watch. I’m still angry/ashamed at myself that I still haven’t seen either The Dark Knight or any of The Wire.

  7. And what’s up with the DVD’s not having Heath Ledger’s Joker on the cover at all. He was more a star of the film than Bale was.

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