Meta: Me. On the web.

One of the amazing things about having a child is how well it focuses you.  I have less time to “do stuff” now, yet I’m still getting a lot of stuff done. I chalk that up to using my time more wisely, goofing off less, and focusing on productivity.

That all said, here’s my rundown of web-based projects these days:

Various and Sundry: This blog carries on, five days a week.  Some weeks are writing bonanzas, others are a bit more sparse.  It varies from week to week, but that’s the nature of the beast.  I wish I could write an original 500 word essay on a daily basis, but I’m not sure I could, even if this was a full time job.

Pipeline at 600Pipeline Commentary and Review: Recently celebrated its 600th weekly column.  I got ahead on the column in preparation for the baby’s birth, and while I’ve pretty much caught up on that lead by now, there’s still a backlog of stuff I want to write about.  This week’s column is a 4000 word monster, as I type this, though I might have to hack and slash at it a bit.

Pipeline Podcast: Coming up on its fourth anniversary at the top of 2009.  Can you believe podcasting is that old now?  The schedule has suffered due to back-end technical issues I continue to fight with, and time constraints at home.  Sadly, the computer with the good mic set up is in a room that shares a wall with the baby’s room.  So while I only get to record the podcast after she goes to sleep, I can’t use that mic because my booming voice would wake her up through that thin wall.  I’m looking at buying a Snowball USB mic for the laptop to bring up production quality.  For now, I record with a blanket over my head and the laptop to cut down on the echoes.  Ah, the glories of podcasting. . .

CBR Reviews: This is the biggest time sink, but also one of the most productive.  I am the editor of the CBR Reviews team, six guys writing reviews daily of the week’s books.  We published 80 reviews in November, and are getting better about publishing them closer to publication dates, and even in advance.

Secret Project 1: I think this one is stalled out.  It’s something I started thinking about before the baby was born, but I’m not sure how do-able it really is, given time and scheduling restraints.  But I’m keeping it in my back pocket.  It’s comics-related and nobody else is doing anything like it right now.  I want to be the first, but c’est la vie.

Secret Project 2: Vaguely and tangentially related to SP1, but there’s real movement on it. It’s something that would only take a couple of hours a week of my time and could be very successful.  Look for it in the first quarter of 2009, if it does happen.

Twitter: It’s like having another email account. It’s the first thing I check at night, clicking on the “Responses” tab to see who’s talking to me and who I need to write back to.  Lots of interesting people, lots of continuously-updating content, and designed to eliminate spam on its own.

Flickr: One thing that the baby has changed completely is my photography.  I’m doing less nature photography and more people photography, mostly the baby.  I invested in some lighting equipment and am experimenting with that now. Am thinking of selling a lens to afford a different one that’s more amenable to my current shooting style. Need to update Flickr more often, though for baby privacy reasons, it’s not likely.

Google Reader: I do 90% of my web browsing through RSS feeds via Google Reader now and share out the best links and stories I find there. I’ve started sharing them with notes now, to add some additional information to the feed.  If you’re a Google Reader, I invite you to friend me or click on that link to subscribe to my feed.  It covers more of the kinds of things I’m interested in, above and beyond what you see on this blog.