4 thoughts on “The Biggest New Release of the Week

  1. You know, the Guitar Hero Wii controllers sync up with this game. You could just buy the software only version.

  2. And you know what? It turns out that the game shipped to stores today, not necessarily that it’s available. Might not show up until next week. Smooth move, there.

    But that’s cool about the compatibility. Thanks! I might just cave.

  3. Seriously, you should give RB a try. It’s a cleaner game, smoother interface, more fun animation, and a helluva huge game library (500 songs total by end of year, although I don’t know how/if Wii works with DLC, or if they are available).

    I was skeptical as well, having been with GH since the first game, but its really a lot of fun… and your GH controllers will work with it.

  4. The Rock Band people recently made a statement that the Wii version WILL do DLC, and can play flawlessly off SD cards for that. It’s tempting. I’ll have to look at the song list.

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